About The Company

Vera Belleza has voyaged to become a pioneer of rare pieces of jewellery from merchants and stands as an exquisite gem. As 2022 rolled in, we expanded into the domain of eCommerce and retail to let the world catch a glimpse of the craftsmanship, invention, and design integrity that lies at the core of our ethos.


At Vera Belleza, we fuse family jewellers' heritage with timeless elegance and top-tier diamond jewellery. Each piece we craft is a statement of enduring beauty, destined to become a cherished heirloom. We're dedicated to ethically sourcing the finest gemstones and metals, enhancing the luxury experience. Our artisans, with generational expertise, handcraft each piece, ensuring a unique narrative. Our pursuit of perfection elevates ornamentation into a symbol of sophistication and individual expression.


Vera Belleza is on the path to becoming a global symbol for the epitome of luxury and innovation by capturing the essence of ornament-making and being the standard for high-quality, premium, and customized diamond jewellery.

We hope to accomplish change in the industry by rising to the forefront of promoting responsible sourcing, fair trade, and environmental stewardship through exemplary stance and action that can pave the path for others.

Our ultimate vision is to impart an enduring heritage where Vera Belleza and greatness are one and the same.

Our Story

Established in 2022, Vera Belleza honors our family's third generation of jewelers, building upon our esteemed reputation and diamond industry legacy. From our origins as rough diamond merchants to pioneering Briolette and Rose cut drilled diamond jewelry in wholesale, our journey has been remarkable, and there's no slowing down. Venturing into eCommerce and retail fulfills my father's vision of showcasing innovation, craftsmanship, and design integrity to the world. His ambition inspires me, and together, we're poised to turn our creative dreams into reality.