Shipping Policy

How does the delivery process work?


  1. Once an order has been placed for our new system, we perform a series of quality checks to ensure that the products are in perfect condition before being passed onto the next stage in production.
  2. If the products pass through the final round of quality inspections unscathed, they are packaged and then handed over to our delivery partners


  1. Our trusted delivery partners will then deliver them to you as soon as possible or at a time that's convenient for you. In case they are unable to reach your provided address or a more suitable time, they will contact you to resolve the issue


How are items packaged?


We package our products in boxes, which are spread out over many layers. Each individual product is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap for protection. Because of our rigorous packaging procedure, we have received a minimal number of complaints about damaged products from our customers.


What is the range of locations to which Vera Belleza Ships its products?


Vera belleza ships all over the United States.


My Order is been shipped now, how can I track it?


Once your order is ready to ship, we'll send an email with the details of the tracking number and the courier company. You can check on it through your My Order. After up to 12 hours, if you are not able to track please do so by visiting the links provided in your email/SMS that you received as a Guest User to sign up/sign into our website.


What is the expected delivery time?


We dispatch most orders within 3-4 weeks (i.e. excluding Sundays and public holidays).

Even though we try our best to keep 95% of our catalogue in stock, some products take longer to manufacture and may therefore delay your order.


Are there any shipping charges applicable to my order?


There will be no extra cost charged for the shipping.